Differential Potential – Gameweek 32

Simple fact: a good differential pick is the difference between winning a crucial Fantrax matchup 99% of the time. It's all very well (and also, essential) having a core of top players. However, that low ownership gem that no one thought of can, more often than not, be the difference between a narrow loss and … Continue reading Differential Potential – Gameweek 32

Navigating the Fantrax Double Gameweeks – Gameweek 33

The business end of this Premier League season came a long time ago. Now we are diving into the part of the season where titles are won and lost. The end of the last international break signals the beginning of absolute mayhem. Whether you use playoffs or not in Fantrax, now is the time to … Continue reading Navigating the Fantrax Double Gameweeks – Gameweek 33