FPL Differential Potential: Gameweek 2

It's back! The Differential Potential XI, our most popular feature of 2018/19, is back with a bang. Simple fact: a good differential pick is the difference between winning a crucial Fantrax matchup 99% of the time. It’s all very well (and also, essential) having a core of top players. However, that low ownership gem that … Continue reading FPL Differential Potential: Gameweek 2


The Waiver Wire: Gameweek 2

Those who think Fantrax Leagues are won and lost at the draft are wrong. Very wrong. In fact this is where the winners will be winners because of their sharp eye for a bargain and the losers will be losers because...well, they ignore the Waiver Wire. Each week, we will analyse those low ownership players … Continue reading The Waiver Wire: Gameweek 2

Gameweek 1: Fantrax Draft Ranks

FOOTBALL IS BACK! And so are we! As well as your normal content on @FFootball92 this season, we will be introducing a weekly article ranking players in each position ahead of each gameweek! Essential reading! We have ranked 70 players ahead of Gameweek One in each of their respective positions. Disagree with our ranks? Comment … Continue reading Gameweek 1: Fantrax Draft Ranks