Differential Potential: Gameweek 5

Simple fact: a good differential pick is the difference between winning a crucial Fantrax matchup 99% of the time. It’s all very well (and also, essential) having a core of top players. However, that low ownership gem that no one thought of can, more often than not, be the difference between a narrow loss and a convincing … Continue reading Differential Potential: Gameweek 5

Fantrax Mock Draft #2: Analysis Part 2

Myself and eleven other fantasy enthusiasts got our heads together and completed a mock draft. Here’s what happened in the crucial rounds six, seven, eight and nine! Still not read part one? You can find it right here! Round Six My Pick Dwight McNeil showed all the signs of being a potential FPL darling last … Continue reading Fantrax Mock Draft #2: Analysis Part 2