The Waiver Wire: Gameweek 38

Those who think Fantrax Leagues are won and lost at the draft are wrong. Very wrong. In fact this is where the winners will be winners because of their sharp eye for a bargain and the losers will be losers because…well, they ignore the Waiver Wire. Each week, we will analyse those low ownership players that … Continue reading The Waiver Wire: Gameweek 38

Fixture Difficult Tracker: The Playoffs

It's that time of year again! A long, long 35 weeks has passed and it's time to prepare for those highly anticipated/dreaded playoffs. In this article, we look at which teams have favourable fixtures to target in the last three weeks as well as highlighting some low ownership players to target (even some trades if … Continue reading Fixture Difficult Tracker: The Playoffs

Fixture Difficulty Tracker: Gameweeks 31-35

When selecting those all important streamers and waiver wire picks, it’s always crucial to know the upcoming schedule of the team in question. Therefore, we have created a handy little short term fixture difficulty tracker for each Premier League team! Each article will cover the next five gameweeks, giving you the opportunity to see which … Continue reading Fixture Difficulty Tracker: Gameweeks 31-35