Draft Cheat Sheet: Tiered Ranks 2021/22

The one you’ve all been waiting for… our ranks are here! And not just any old ranks, they’re tiered for good measure. We’ve made this printable cheat sheet, enabling you to tick each player off as they leave the pool in your draft.

The link to our spreadsheet is right here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jE3Ik2RTH_HSqJUvY6B_9xPjBCDPX46XpV3F0t_wHsM/edit?usp=sharing

What’s a tiered rank? The idea of tiers is that you will happily take any player within that tier at the same stage of a draft. For example, from the tier two defenders, if Lucas Digne is taken before I get chance but I’m after a top defender, Andy Robertson will do the job just fine!

We will update our tiered ranks as transfers come and go. Remember, all of our title winning advice is absolutely FREE of charge! Enjoy…





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