Comunicado Oficial: The FPL Community Draft Super League

We’re coming towards the business end of the season and it’s now time to look ahead to what all 24 manager have been working towards: The FPL Community Draft Super League! The top four teams from League A meet with the top four of League B to battle it out in the eight man re-drafted Super League to determine the overall winner.

Here’s a few crucial details:

  • The top four from each league qualify for the Super League. Fifth to Eighth position will enter League One while Ninth to Twelfth enter League Two.
  • Each league will start with a full re-draft, commencing immediately after Gameweek 31 finishes.
  • The draft will be a slow draft in the form of a snake draft.
  • Draft order will be determined by the manager’s league position. For example, the manager who finishes 1st will have first choice of draft position in the Super League.
  • Each team will face each other once in the Super League with the winner being crowned in Gameweek 38.
  • FAAB budget will be reset to $100 from the re-drafts onwards.
  • All three league tables will be combined at Gameweek 38 to determine the final overall standings.

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