Trade Targets: Selling High

There’s an art to trading in draft fantasy football. A good trade can be the difference between a title win and a mediocre bottom half finish in your Fantrax league and there’s never a bad time to boost your roster.

What is the art of trading? Buy the big names low and trade those over performers high! Here’s a few high performers to consider

Jetro Willems | Newcastle United | Defender | Last Three Scores: 10.25, 21.5, 10

There are very few defenders who have a value as high as Jetro Willems does at the moment. Trent Alexander Arnold and Lucas Digne are the obvious exceptions to the rule but considering the aforementioned elite defenders will have been picked at the sharp end of drafts this summer while Willems will most likely not have been picked at all, the Newcastle man’s performances have been all the more remarkable.

Largely thanks to one goal (what a goal it was) and two assists so far this season, the advanced full back has averaged 10.44 points per match this season, including an average of 13.9 over the past three.

Time to trade? I think so. Why? Because at this stage you can genuinely expect to include this overachieving defender in a package to get a very good asset. Pairing Willems up with a decent FWD2 should easily land you a consistent scoring midfielders.

Christian Pulisic | Chelsea | Midfielder | Last Three Scores: 43, 19.5, 28.5

There is no hotter prospect in Fantrax (possibly even Premier League football) than Christian Pulisic. It took the new Chelsea man a few weeks to settle in to English football, much to the understandable frustration of those who gambled on him early in drafts this summer. But now he’s found his feet, the risk seems to have paid off.

The reason he features in this article is simply because of his form. If you’re looking for a traditional “sell high” candidate, Pulisic is your man. There’s nothing to say he won’t continue to produce impressive performances but if you’re looking to get in a more dependable high option (a James Maddison or even a Kevin De Bruyne) then now is the perfect time to package “Captain America” as part of an attractive offer .

John McGinn | Aston Villa | Midfielder | Last Three Scores: 6, 16.5, 9

Super John McGinn has been the surprise package of Fantrax this season with his consistent, and sometimes spectacular, scoring since Gameweek One.

An average of 13.25 points per match totalling a score of 159 puts him at 2nd in the midfielder rankings and 8th overall. Incredible for someone who had an average draft position of 122.59 in the summer. That’s the 11th round in a 12 team league. Overperformer.

The reason to sell him now? There isn’t any really. But if you’re after a more traditionally elite player to trade in, McGinn would be the perfect player to use. You could even attempt to package two high end, under-performers and take advantage of a disillusioned manager (e.g. Felipe Anderson and Lacazette/Zaha) in return for the dependable Scotsman.

Gerard Deulofeu | Watford | Forward | Last Three Scores: 3.5, 19, 25.5

Gerard Deulofeu tops the list of “frustrating players to own” in Togga/Fantrax every single year. “Gerry D” can be brilliant on his day, unplayable, and his performances so often return bucket loads of points. But for every 30 pointer there cones three or four absolute stinkers.

Take his performance against Arsenal, for example. A performance containing one assist yielded an astonishing 39.5 points from Deulofeu, largely thanks to 4 shots on target and 8 (?!) key passes. His price was through the roof. His scores directly after this game? A more than disappointing 4.5, 1, 4, 5.5 and 3.5.

Deulofeu owners probably wished they’d cashed in there and then and after two good showings recently, maybe that time is coming once again. The Spaniard is so much fun to own and fantastic on his day but you simply cannot rely on him for points. Get him out while his price is high.

Allan Saint-Maximin | Newcastle United | Forward | Last Three Scores: 10, 14, 18.5

I doubt anyone has been featured more on this site this season than Allan Saint-Maximin. The guy is a joy to watch and enjoyable to own in Fantrax too.

As certain members of my leagues know, I’m keen on him and have offered out plenty of trades thanks to his consisting scoring and the enjoyable way he gets those points (FPL is about enjoyment after all remember?).

His scoring is consistent and he’s a great asset but, remember, he still hasn’t scored a goal. Plus his one attacking return was the result of a bizarre mis hit shot.

Like the aforementioned McGinn, there’s little to suggest that Saint-Maximin’s scoring looks set to tail off. He may, in fact, get better. So why trade him? His stat sheet right now looks amazing. It’s as good a time as any to cash in and get yourself a player who consistently finds the back of the net. ASM is the ideal player to package alongside another tradeable player in order to catch a big fish.


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