Introducing the Fantasy Football Super League

If you’ve found your way to our website, it’s likely that you already have some interest in playing draft fantasy football. If, like us, you’re already a draft fantasy football veteran then you’ll know you made the right choice as soon as you sat down to take part in your first draft and now have to deal with the guilt of looking forward to draft day more than your own birthday.

Is the draft game flawless? Far from it. As fun as it is to pit your wits against your own friends (rivals), it’s easy to miss the satisfaction of watching your overall rank fluctuate throughout the season. Winning your own mini-league is great (really, really great) but in head-to-head draft football, it’s never been possible to truly say that you are the best of the best. Until now…

Introducing: The Fantasy Football Super League

Created by the players, for the players

Don’t just take our word for it. Fantasy Football 92 spoke with the creators of the Fantasy Football Super League to find out exactly what they’re all about. As draft players who have enjoyed games like PlayTogga and Fantrax as much as we have, it’s good to know that this new game is being created by people who know exactly what being a draft fantasy manager is all about! Here’s what they had to say about their exciting new project:

“We have played fantasy football for years and it always ended up the same in our league. The 3 teams at the top had the same players. Then we were introduced to the draft. Now it’s the most exciting day of the year bar none.

“With unique teams and head to head matchups, every week became a mini contest and one bad week didn’t define a season.

“ So when other sites sadly stopped, we began to think how could we take the draft and move it from a single secluded league and turn it into a worldwide competition. And the Fantasy Football Super League was born.”

“An unrivalled Fantasy Manager experience”

An easy claim to make, but what does the Fantasy Football Super League promise in order for it to deliver such an experience?

An advanced scoring system

Firstly, it uses that advanced scoring system that we’ve come to know and love (and sometimes detest) . Football watching has taken on a new dynamic thanks to this system that scores 19 categories. Not only do fantasy football managers now enjoy a goal or an assist. Parts of the game like key passes, shots on target, tackles and interceptions that previously seemed to trivial are now crucial parts of the fantasy manager experience.

An authentic managerial experience

Not only do you get to select your starting eleven, this game allows you to make in-game substitutions. So, if Gonzalo Higuain is having one of those days where he doesn’t even look likely to get a shot on target, never mind a goal, you can hook him off while he’s still in play. I know, simple but brilliant. Why did no one think of this earlier?

Promotion and relegation

This is where the Fantasy Football Super League comes into its own. Therefore, it’s only write that we let the creators themselves explain exactly what’s going on!

Here’s a simple explanation of our four league format . The four leagues allow you to always play competitively. When you enter the league you will be randomly assigned to a league in league 3.

“The two winners of the mini season will progress to league two where they will be randomly assigned to a league and so on.

“This creates a pyramid like that of a knockout tournament. So you only have to beat 18 teams to get a cash prize.

“But it’s not only the top league that gets cash prizes. The winner of each league will be entered into their respective League cups to fight it out for prizes.”

So, simply put, there’s a lot to play for.

A last word from the creators

“We will be beginning our Kickstarter campaign soon and need our community to support us in making the platform a reality.

“Pledges will be rewarded with a highly discounted subscription and the opportunity to start in a higher league putting you one step closer to Super League glory.

“We hope to have our beta testing mid season next year for everyone to try and then full launch the following season 2020”

You heard it here first. The Fantasy Football Super League could be the future of draft fantasy football. Now is the time to get in there and secure your place!

Want to find out more? Check them out on:

Follow them on Twitter: @FFSLcommish

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