World Cup Fantasy League: Looking ahead to Game week 3

As a nation well known for being bang average at a game we so lovingly created, it’s only right for the rest of the world to let England have their moment after the most satisfying week in our national team’s recent history (sadly, that’s probably not far off the truth). Yes, after smashing six past the mighty Panama, we’re getting slightly carried away but as an Englishman it’s comforting to know I’ll be worrying more about my fantasy football team(s) rather the usual fear surrounding my national team while watching the likes of Germany, Brazil and Argentina sweat over their World Cup status. Role reversal.

The big upside of these giants battling for their lives (apart from a very entertaining GW3) means no dead rubbers and very little squad rotation, bar Argentina who look like making ten changes.

Here’s my own little humble brag: four out of my five picks in my last article gave attacking returns. Here’s five obscure picks to keep in mind for game week three if you believe in lightening striking twice.

Read the full article on FantasyYIRMA here

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